Tips and Tricks to use Hibernation feature on Surface Go

Due to the inclusion of latest standby mode in Surface devices, the Hibernation feature has become a thing of long gone past and has been disabled by Microsoft. The latest standby mode on Surface devices enables instant power on and shut down feature.

Although the latest standby mode facilitates the user with swift action response, it also drains your battery. If you are not opting for working on your device or are taking a break from working on your device, you should use the hibernation mode instated that could save a ton of your battery backup. You should do so as the hibernation feature does not require the battery to work.

Hibernation feature does work on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 so you can opt for it instead of the standby mode. But if you are not quite sure, then you can check the hibernation feature by accessing your system power settings.

  1. Go through the steps below to check hibernation setting on your Surface Go.
  2. Head to the “System Tray” and select the “Battery icon” by right-clicking on it.
  3. From the list of options select the “Power options” and then select “Choose what the power button does” option.
  4. After doing so, look for the “Hibernation option in the “Shutdown Settings”.

As Microsoft disables the Hibernation features by default, you won’t find the option in the System settings, but you can enable the Hibernation settings by using “Command line” or “PowerShell”.

  1. To enable the Hibernation feature, go through the steps below.
  2. Head to the start menu and Select the “Start” icon.
  3. Now you have to select the “Windows PowerShell” from the list of options.
  4. Now you are required to type “powercfg /h on” in the PowerShell window and then you have to hit enter.
  5. You are now required to head back to the “Power Options” window in the “System settings” option.
  6. Now as you look for “Hibernation” option, it would be present in the “Shutdown settings”.

Now you can use hibernation feature quite easily by which you can save your battery life and get rid of charging your Surface Go every time. You can relate this hibernation feature similar to the hibernation process of polar bears.

As polar bears hibernate in winters to preserve their energy by sleeping, you can do the same for your Surface go in order to save its battery life. Standby mode can be useful as well in various scenarios like taking a short coffee break or taking a toilet break from your work.  But the hibernation feature proves to be quite helpful in all such situations as well as for resorting battery life by not consuming any power while the Hibernation period.

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