How To Take Screenshots On Windows and Mac Devices?

Taking screenshots is a convenient way to keep a record of chats, statuses, and stories. In this article, we will discuss the ways to take screenshots on Windows and Mac devices.

Take a screenshot on your device with a few clicks

For Windows 7 and 8 users

Mark that in older versions of Windows, you need to hit the Print Screen key. This results in copying the display into the Windows clipboard. Remember that it shall be pasted by pressing Ctrl+V wherever you like to do.

For Windows 8.1 and 10 users

MS have put some latest tools to its Windows 10 and 8.1 device users. The Print Screen option is used for inserting a picture into an editor. But by chance, if you find a picture file, then should press a combination of Windows+PrtScn. The photos shall go to the ‘Screenshots’ folder in the personal users’ image folder.

If you want, then you may press a combination of Alt+PrtScn for copying the texts of the present window. However, this tool shall not be used for saving the complete picture. This tool can be used for pasting texts of the window into an editor.

Note that Windows comprises of Snipping Tool for better screenshots.

For Microsoft Surface and the rest of Windows Tablets users

If you wish to take a screenshot by using the keyboard, then press the combination of Fn+Win+spacebar together.

Remember that the earlier on Surface and Surface Pro tablets you will be able to take a screenshot by pressing the Window button on the tablet and the key of decreasing the sound key together. The users of the latest Surface models and Windows 10 tablets can hit the power key with decreasing the volume option at the same time.


Fortunately, the macOS has plenty of ways by which you can take screenshots of the full display of the Mac. You can do it by pressing the combination of Shift+Command+3. This shall result in saving the picture to the desktop immediately. For copying the image rather than keeping it for putting it into an editor, Windows-style, Press the combination of Command+Control+Shift+3. Doing it is worth spending time on it.

If you want to get more specific screenshots, then you should press the combination of Command+Shift+4 for opening an inbuilt selection tool. Press and move selector across the area of the desktop that you would like, having with the covered place in the transparent blue. Note that this chosen place can be modified. At the time of moving it, press the Shift for locking the selection on a vertical or horizontal way. Hit spacebar for moving the completed selection box. After that, press Escape key for removing it and going back to the desktop.

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