How to Record Audio Directly in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iOS

Back in June this year, Apple rolled out an updated version of the iWork suite. This update consisted of a number of tweaks and added functionalities. With this update, users were able to record, edit, and play recording within the iWork apps such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Let’s check out the process for recording, deleting, editing, and sharing audio within Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes documents.

Recording audio

Audio can be recording using the iPhone’s or iPad’s own microphone, a headphone, or a supported microphone. Follow these steps to record audio within iWork documents on your iOS device:

  1. Open any document.
  2. Touch the plus icon.
  3. Touch the picture icon.
  4. Select Record Audio.
  5. To start the recording, press the microphone icon.
  6. When you are done, press the crossed out microphone icon.
  7. The voice recording shall show up in the audio editor located at the lower side of the display.
  8. For previewing the recording, hit the triangle icon signifying play.

Editing and replacing audio recordings

When you are done recording, you can swap entire or a segment of the audio, cut out certain chunks of the recording, or remove the entire or segments of the recording. 

  1. If you wish to record once more from a certain point, then slide your finger to either side of the recording to set up the line’s positioning. After that, touch the microphone icon.
  2. If you want to record a section of recording once more, then press the square icon, and then just select the segment. Hit the microphone icon to replace that chunk of recording with a new one.
  3. For deleting a portion or entire recording, just move the handles to highlight the segment you wish to remove and hit the trashcan icon.

 How to play, delete, and share audio recordings?

  • When you have recorded completely, just press the Insert option in the upper right-hand edge of the screen. Now, the speaker icon, which is for the recording will show up on the screen.
  • If you wish to play the voice recording, just press the speaker icon for choosing the recording, and then press the same icon once more.
  • If you wish to make changes or remove the voice recording, after adding it to the document, then just press the speaker icon to choose the recording. After that. Select Edit or Delete. I
  • In order to shift the voice recording, hit the speaker icon and pick the recording. After that, re position the recording by dragging and dropping it to wherever you want.

The voice recording can also be shared in an audio file format. To do so, you need to hit the speaker icon for selecting the voice recording. After that, select Share.

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