Month: January 2019

How to Transform your Windows 10 into Windows 7

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Windows 10 is a fantastic OS launched by Microsoft, and it has more features than previous Microsoft operating systems. But some users do not like its look, or they love the appearance of Windows 7 more. If you are amongst them, then read on. Here is how you can make your Windows 10 look and […]

Top 6 Tools for Screen Capturing in 2019

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Most of the devices have their basic built-in screen capturing software. But for the advanced features, you have to have specific software to fulfill your specific needs. In this software, you can find the features like timing set, recording screen or webcam recording, integration with different platforms, and more. Screen capturing can be used to […]

Tips and Tricks to use Hibernation feature on Surface Go

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Due to the inclusion of latest standby mode in Surface devices, the Hibernation feature has become a thing of long gone past and has been disabled by Microsoft. The latest standby mode on Surface devices enables instant power on and shut down feature. Although the latest standby mode facilitates the user with swift action response, […]